yt3 series

Digital Weighing Platform Scale



LED Display
Pole mounted dispaly can be rotated for a suitable angle
Battery Operated
Easy to Operate, dust and moisture resistant keyboard
Rugged Design to suit industrial use
Zero Tracking Function Ensures Stable Zero
Tare Function
Rechargeable Battery
Adjustable Legs
Platform Special



Model No. Capacity Platform Size
YT3-75A 75 Kq x 5q 400mm x 400mm
YT3-150A 150 Kg x 10g 400mm x 400mm
YT3-75B 75 Kg x 5g 450mm x 450mm
YT3-150B 150 Kg x 10g 450mm x 450mm
YT3-75C 75 Kg x 5g 500mm x 500mm
YT3-150C 150 Kg x 10g 500mm x 500mm
YT3-200D 200 Kg x 20g 500mm x 500mm
YT3-300D 300 Kg x 50g 600mm x 600mm
YT3-300E 300 Kq x 50q 600mm x 600mm
YT3-500E 500 Kg x 50g 750mm x 750mm
YT3-100F 100 Kg x 10g 750mm x 750mm
YT3-150F 150 Kg x 10g 450mm x 600mm
YT3-200F 200 Kq x 20q 450mm x 600mm
YT3-300F 300 Kg x 50g 450mm x 600mm
YT3-300G 300 Kg x 50g 500mm x 750mm
YT3-500G 500 Kg x 50g 500mm x 750mm
YT3-1000H 1000 Kg x 100g 1000mm x 850mm
YT3-1500H 1500 Kg x 100g 1000mm x 850mm


Column ( seprate, with Platform, Wall mounted)
Top Covers S.S
Complete S.S Platform for Chemical and food industry
Specifications are Subject to Change for Improvement Without Prior Notice